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Bike Parking in Philadelphia

If you want to install your own bike rack at your own expense, you need a permit (no fee required!). All instructions for obtaining a permit from the Streets Department are here.  This fact sheet provides names of bike rack manufacturers.

The City's bike parking regulations spell out what kind of racks you can install.

The fabulous bike corral installed on Sydenham Street between 15th and 16th (off Walnut).

The car-shaped bike corral on Sydenham can securely hold 14 bikes and features a built-in tire pump. It was installed as part of Park(ing) Day in September 2011 through a partnership with the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU), Streets Department, and the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Thanks to their continuing support and those made donations, it will remain in its current location permanently.

In 2012, the MOTU took applications from businesses for in-street bike parking and installed eight bicycle corrals throughout Center City and West Philadelphia.  


The bike parking regulations implementing the City's bike parking zoning code are final at last!  New developments (that meet certain thresholds) must adhere to these regulations. 

If you want to install your own bike rack at your own expense, download this permit application and mail it to 

The third Adopt-A-Rack contract will install 357 racks around Philadelphia sometime during 2011.  The Parking Authority converted 1500 old meter poles into parking racks.


In May 2010, the Nutter Administation proposed implementing regulations on bike parking specifications, and introduced into Council an ordinance governing how private bike racks can be installed on the sidewalks with a $25 permit form (previously, anyone who wanted to install their own racks had to get an individual ordinance). 

During 2010 or 2011, the Nutter Administration will use federal funds to issue a third Adopt-A-Rack contract to install 500 racks around the City. 

On June 9, 2010, the Philadelphia Parking Authority and Nutter Administration began toretrofit 1500 meter poles with bike rings to convert them into bike parking racks.  

In April, Philadelphia International Airport installed bike racks in 4 pods and developed aBicycle Access Plan


In June 2009, Mayor Nutter signed into law a bill amending the zoning code to require that new construction incorporate bike parking into the design of the building according to specific standards. 

Philadelphia's bike parking zoning code:

1) Creates three classes of bicycle parking spaces according to how they protect against theft and inclement weather
2) Requires the establishment of standards for racks and bicycle parking spaces by Department of Licenses and Inspections and Streets.
3) Requires that bicycle parking spaces be provided by:

  • All non-residential uses with gross floor area larger than 7500 square feet
  • Multiple-family dwellings when 12 or more are provided on a lot
  • Public parking lots
  • Low occupancy facilities with 6 or more employees

4) Reduces the number of required off-street automobile parking spaces by one (1) for every five (5) sheltered bike parking spaces provided on a lot, with a maximum reduction of 10%.


In 2008, the Bicycle Coalition released Bicycle Parking: Key to a Green Philadelphia, which found a severe bike parking shortage and lack of bike racks at many major venues.  This report's focus on the need for more bike parking capacity led Philadelphia to take some significant steps to make bike parking more accessible to riders across the city.  Read thisfact sheet  for information about bike rack companies and good/bad bike rack designs and guidance on how to place racks.

Following the report's release, the city released an Adopt-A-Rack contract in the fall of 2008. This program was developed by the City to purchase racks and install them on the City's "Right of Ways" (ROWs) or sidewalks once an area was identified and a person or entity was willing to sign a maintenance agreement.  Altogether, Philadelphia installed 1400 bike racks during the fall of 2008.

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