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Bicycle Safety Program Launches on Bike to Work Day

Team of Bicycle Safety Educators Will Work to Bring Civility to Philadelphia's Streets 

PHILADELPHIA - May 15, 2009 -  The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia held a press conference today with Mayor Michael F. Nutter and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown to formally announce the launch of a new bicycle safety program.

The Bicycle Ambassadors are a team of adult safety educators working to make bicycling better in the City of Philadelphia.  The Bicycle Ambassadors are an education and outreach program of The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia sponsored by The City of Philadelphia, University City District and Fairmount Park. 

"We are very excited to launch this new program in Philadelphia" said Breen Goodwin, the program's Coordinator.  "Safety is paramount to making bicycling an effective and widespread form of transportation and recreation.  We're hear to bring that message to bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians" she said.
The Ambassadors will be working in the neighborhoods of Center City, University City and Fairmount Park.  "This program is our best bet to encourage more civility and order on the City's roads and on multi use paths.  It's everyone's job to obey rules of the road, but unfortunately, many need more information on what those rules are," said Alex Doty, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition. 
"When Philadelphians bike, the city benefits in many ways: we reduce congestion, increase the quality of our air and reduce greenhouse gases. Of course, it's important to reach the end of your ride safely," said Mayor Nutter. "As part of our campaign to make Philadelphia the Greenest City in America, the City of Philadelphia is proud to partner with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia on the Bicycle Ambassadors program."

"As a longtime advocate for public health and a proud new leader on the environment and sustainability, it is clear to me that bicycling makes sense for Philadelphia," said Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown. "It wasn't long ago that Philadelphia was named America's Fattest City by Men's Fitness Magazine and in 2008 Philadelphia did not make the list of America's 50 Greenest Cities. If we are serious about changing our City's image and moving to become a healthier, greener Philadelphia, then it behooves us all to be serious about bicycling."

The Bicycle Ambassadors were joined by two corporate partners at the launch: REI, Inc. and Fuji Bicycles. "We are proud to provide a grant to support the Bicycle Ambassadors who will not only get more people biking but teach people how to bike safely," said Charles Klein of Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Bicycle Ambassadors are supported by many local and national organizations who support the increase in bicycle use for transportation and recreation and the associated bicycle safety education including the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, the City of Philadelphia, PennDOT, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, University City District, Fairmount Park, Fuji Bicycles, Recreational Equipment, Inc and Planet Bike. 

More information on the Bicycle Ambassadors is available at

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