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Commuter Race Tomorrow Morning

Press Release
May 26, 2009
For Immediate Release
Contact: Alex Doty, Executive Director
215-239-4749 (m)
Commuter Race Tomorrow
Bicyclist, Transit Rider and Car Driver Compete
In celebration of Bike Month, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be hosting the Fifth Annual Commuter Race between a bicyclist, a car driver and a transit rider. The competition will test the theory that a bicyclist who commutes four miles or less in Philadelphia will generally arrive before, or within a few minutes of, other commuters during rush hour.

Regardless of who comes in first, the bicycle commute has a winning combination of being affordable, healthy and a sustainable method of commuting to work.
The race begins at the corner of 29th and Poplar Streets in the Fairmount neighborhood at 8:00 a.m. and will end at the SW corner of 15th and Market Streets 15 - 25 minutes after the start of the race.

All race participants must obey the rules of the road. This year the Bicycle Ambassadors, Philadelphia's new bicycle safety outreach team, will ride along with each race participant to verify that the rules of the road were followed.  The racers are as follows:
Bicyclist:  Pat Cunnane, President of Fuji Bicycles
SEPTA rider:  Maria Dziembowska
Driver:  Beth Mohan Resta, ZipCar Marketing Manager, car provided by ZipCar
Commuter Cost Analysis
Daily Cost
Bicycle:            $0.00
SEPTA:            $4.00 (or $2.90 with two tokens)
Car:             $19.66*
*Parking $15.50 (rate at 1300 Market Street garage) plus $4.16 mileage (based on AAA estimated costs of $.52 per mile)

Yearly Cost
Car:        $10,943
(According to AAA, the average cost of owning and maintaining a new car is $7,823 per year plus $3,120 in parking (based on a monthly rate at 1300 Market Street garage).)
SEPTA:  $936
($78 per month for a city Transpass)
Bicycle:  $260
($500 every four years for a new bike plus annual maintenance of $135)
Bicycle Coalition of Greater PhiladelphiaThe Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is a 1,600-member organization that makes bicycling better by promoting the bicycle as a healthy, low-cost and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation.
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