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Philadelphia's Give Respect Get Respect Enforcement Campaign

First announced on April 29th and rolled out on May 16th, 2011 "Give Respect Get Respect" is the City of Philadelphia's traffic enforcement campaign to address quality of life issues pertaining to road safety. "Give Respect Get Respect" is a joint effort of the Philadelphia Police Department, Philadelphia Health Department, Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The campaign, which is operated by the Philadelphia Police Department's Central Division, consists of approximately 8 bicycle officers and one patrol car circulating through Center City (from 23rd to 3rd and from Spruce to Race) between 12-4pm on weekdays.

They will educate pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists about the rules of the road and enforce traffic laws.  Brochures have been developed tailored to each user that summarize the rules and will be handed out to walkers, motorists and cyclists.  Motorists and cyclists who put others in danger will be ticketed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about this Campaign

Q. What kind of ID do I have to produce if stopped by a Police Officer?  

A. If you have violated a vehicle law, you will be asked to produce ID such as a driver's lisence.  At a minimum, you may be asked for your name, date of birth and social security number.

Q. Will I get points on my driver's license if as a cyclist I get a moving violation ticket?

A. No, the State Traffic Code (Section. 1535 (d))  makes an exception of assessing points to persons operating a "pedacycle."  

Q. What's the main purpose of the handouts?

A. The purpose of the brochures is to summarize current traffic laws that apply to each road user because many people do not have a basic understanding of these rules.  The Bicycle Coalition shared  a great deal of lessons learned with the City and Police.  Among them, our Bicycle Ambassadors learned that motorists (and pedestrians) rarely read through an entire brochure, and so highlighting the most basic rules were still eye opening to the vast majority of motorists.   

Q. How can I make some recommendations to the Police Department or Mayor's Office of Transportation about this campaign?

A. Please keep the feedback coming – we are in regular contact with the City and Police and are committed to sharing your concerns (or compliments).  We will continue to work with the Police to help make their efforts more and more effective as they move forward.  Please send your thoughts to Aaron Ritz

Q. Why is the campaign only operating between 12-4pm?

A.  The Police Dept. explained to us that the Central Division needed to keep its officers available from 4-6pm for handling kids getting out of school and potentially turning into flash mobs in Center City. We did express disappointment that the hours couldn't be better matched to regular commuter hours and the PPD indicated that once school was out for the summer, they would consider changing the shift to later in the day.

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