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House Proposes to Gut Biking/Walking/Transit in 2011 Tranportation Bill

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July 11, 2011

Dear ,

Earlier this year, bicyclists visited the offices of Congressmen Meehan, Gerlach and Fitzpatrick, Fattah, Brady and Schwartz and Senators Casey, Toomey, Lautenberg, Menendez to ask that they support keeping biking and walking funding in the Transportation Bill that emerges sometime in 2011.  Last week, the House Transportation Committee unveiled its proposed six year transportation bill.  Instead of it being a forward thinking, 21st century legislative proposal that supports making transportation sustainable and livable communities, its sets transportation policy backwards decades. 

Here are the highlights:
  • Reduce spending levels 33% lower than current spending levels.
  • Eliminate biking and walking funding
  • Cut federal funding for transit by 34% 

How this proposal will impact the Philly/Camden region:
  • Annual loss of over $10.1 million in bike/ped funding and 100 jobs.
  • Annual loss of $188 million to NJT, PATCO and SEPTA  (37% of what they receive from the federal government) and 4446 jobs.

19% of fatal traffic fatalities in our region are bicyclists or pedestrians.  These cuts will make our Bicyclists on the streetroads less safe and result in transit service cuts. 

When we visited our Congressional delegation this past winter, they all indicated that they would  support bike/ped funding in our meetings. Now we need to ask them and the rest of the Congressional delegation to step up and defend these programs and current funding levels. 

Please send a letter to your Member of Congress asking that they restore bike/ped funding programs to the transportation bill and restore cuts to transit.  It is essential that your Member of Congress hear from you directly. You can edit the pre-written letter and use your own words to express how you feel about this proposed bill.  Send your email today!

Thank you for taking action,

Sarah Clark Stuart
Campaign Director

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