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City Council Update: spam problems blocking letters

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We have just learned that e-mails being sent to City Council via our website are being returned as spam.  We regret this problem, and are working to determine its cause.  In the meantime, we encourage everyone to voice their opposition to this legislation by sending an email the old-fashioned way.


Below are the e-mail addresses of the members of the Street's Committee, in convenient cut-and-paste form:;


Below is standard text that you can use.  But we strongly encourage you to make your e-mail personal.  There are a thousand reasons why bike lanes are beneficial for Philadelphia.  What's your favorite?  Use that.


I am writing in opposition to the bill requiring every new bike lane to be approved by Council ordinance.

Bike lanes save lives.  Since the installation of buffered bike lanes on Spruce and Pine streets, cars travel more slowly and consequently, there have been fewer crashes, especially between cars and pedestrians.   Additionally, we now know that streets with buffered bike lanes have less sidewalk riding, less wrong way riding and more cyclists wearing helmets. 

Ordinances are not required to install new travel lanes, crosswalks or bus stops. Why should they be required for new bike lanes? 

I urge you to oppose this bill.  It's bad for all of Philadelphia and will seriously harm the City's efforts to make its streets safer.



Again, we apologize to those who have already written the City Council, and whose e-mails bounced back.  We hope you will take the time to re-send to the addresses above.  And thank you to everyone for making our collective voice heard.


Your action makes a huge difference! Thank you! 

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