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CycleGram: Commuter Challenge

4 Local Establishments Receive Bicycle Friendly Business Awards
Flooding wreaks havoc the Delaware Canal Towpath Again
Tri State Transportation Campaign Opens a South Jersey Office in Camden


National Bike Month Begins 

May 1 


Commuter Race

May 18  


Ride of Silence

May 18


National Bike to Work Day 

May 20  


Commuter Challenge begins

May 20   


Kensington Kinetic Scuplture Derby 

May 21 



Highlights from Greater Philadelphia Bicycle News

$5000 reward for info leading to driver who ran over a cyclist in Fairmount Park.  
New bike parking regulation and FREE permit application now available
Bike Parking Scarce at Expanded Convention Center

AASHTO Pushes Back on Complete Streets 

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Today I would like to say a special word to my fellow Pennsylvanians: despite having more miles of rail to trail than any other state, despite having two of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country, our state is consistently ranked near the bottom of the Bicycle Friendly State rankings.

Please join me on May 4th at the PA Walks and Bikes Summit to call for action in Harrisburg to make our state better for bikes!

Alex Doty
Executive Director

National Bike Month begins in just a few days, and this year the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is proud to introduce a new initiative: the Commuter Challenge, presented by AAA.  


The Commuter Challenge is a friendly workplace competition which encourages folks in the Philadelphia area to walk or bike to work. Each workplace can sign up a team (or multiple teams!), and team members will log their miles commuted by walking or biking on our Commuter Challenge website.  The team with the best percentage of days walked or biked is the winner!  


The Challenge will begin on May 20th, National Bike to Work Day, and teams can compete against each other all summer long. Winners of each monthly challenge will receive free registration for Bike Philly!

Our Commuter Challenge website will be live soon, and in the meantime you can read more about it here or 

Follow BikeCommutePHL on Twitter 



Interested in signing your workplace up or sponsorship opportunities? Email for more information or call 215.242.9253 x307.  


Connecting Valley Forge to John Heinz NWR   


The Forge to Refuge Trail is a concept trail that would link Valley Forge National Historic Park to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. The trail would use the Chester Valley Trail in Chester County, the Radnor Trail in Delaware County and the Cobbs Creek Trail in Philadelphia. The preliminary concept suggests using the excess right of way of the SEPTA Route 100/Norristown High Speed Line as well as proposed trails in the Tredyffrin Township Parks, Recreations and Open Space Plan. A feasibility study will be needed to determine the best alignment for the trail.

The Forge to Refuge Trail conceptual development is a joint project between the BCGP and the Radnor Conservancy with the assistance of DCNR, Rails to Trails Conservancy, Clean Air Council, BCGP's Delaware County Cycling Committee and Campbell Thomas & Co., and funded with a grant from REI. For more information go to the Valley Forge to Heinz Refuge Trail web page.

Congressman Mica Holds Congressional Transportation Funding Listening Session in King of Prussia   


On March 25th the Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Chairman John Mica (R-FL) wrapped up his listening sessions in King of Prussia. Chairman Mica was joined by host Congressman Pat Meehan (PA-07) and Bill Shuster (PA-09) on the panel.

Overall, the theme of the session was "how to do more with less." Chairman Mica stated unequivocally that the gas tax was not going to get raised so the panel was asked to bring their ideas for innovative funding solutions forward.

Much of the discussion focused on Public Private Partnerships but some panelists suggested other ideas such as regions taxing themselves or tolling interstates to raise revenue.

Two bright spots on the panel were Rob Henry from Greater Valley Forge TMA and Cecile Charlton from Delaware County TMA. Each pointed out how they strive to be multi modal, promote cycling and encouraged employers be more involved and integrated in the transportation discussion. BCGP's Sarah Stuart and Breen Goodwin seized the opportunity to say a few words about the importance of bicycling and walking at the end of the program.

Mr. Meehan and his office has met with the Bicycle Coalition in the past several weeks to discuss Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and the Valley Forge to Heinz Trail. His willingness to listen and talk about the importance of trails to link together local communities is encouraging and we welcome his support as the transportation bill takes form.  


Interested in volunteering for the Bicycle Coalition? We have 4 exciting volunteer opportunities coming up! Interested? Email

Shad Fest: April 23

Time: 9:00am-12:30pm OR 12:30pm-5:00pm   

Ride of Silence: May 18

Time: 6:15pm-8:30pm

Bike To Work Day: May 20

Time: 7:00am-9:15am

Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby: May 21

Time: 9:00am-12:30pm OR 12:30pm-5:00pm  


Safe Routes Philly: A Story from Steve 


At Safe Routes Philly, we're excited to work with Physical Education and Health teachers at public elementary and middle schools throughout Philadelphia. After receiving our pedestrian and bicycle safety lessons, kids become safer at doing our favorite springtime activities: getting outside to walk and bike.


Some of our schools have a fleet of bicycles that students can ride in and outside of the school. Melissa Ficklin, PE Teacher at Abigail Vare School at 1621 Moyamensing Avenue in South Philly, has found more than one way to get her kids active on Vare's shiny Schwinns.  

Abigail Vare Bike FleetWith her eight youth bikes set up on stationary trainers, her students get a special addition to their PE routine: spinning in the gym.


In the past, Melissa has led her students on rides up and down the bike paths along Delaware Avenue as part of an intramural bike club. She plans on doing so again this year. Neighborhood Bike Works South Philly will lend a mechanical hand to get her fleet ready to sail the Delaware (Avenue bike paths, that is).



Classroom Lessons: A Story from Cy


There are certain moments in teaching that are just simply priceless. These moments come in different forms. It can be when "the light turns on" and a student finally understands a difficult concept; or when a student basks in the glow of their success that you've helped them achieve; or simply when a child says "thank you". Teachers effectively get to these moments more as they develop their craft. Through practice I was able to develop my lesson and nearly every time I visit a classroom to present our lesson, I experience one of these moments.


During the lesson, we discuss the importance of wearing a helmet. I first put out the question, "What kind of people wear helmets?"


Little hands shoot into the air, eager to answer. Responses include firemen, policemen, skateboarders, the Eagles, the Phillies, the Flyers, skiers, construction workers, dirt bike riders, monster truck drivers, and bike racers.


I then say, "Ok now let's think about why they all wear helmets. What does a helmet protect?"


They reply, "Our heads!"


I then ask, "And what's in our heads?"


"Our brains!" they say.


"And what does our brain do?"


Answers fill the room. "It helps us breathe! It makes us move! It makes us smart!"


"Yes! It helps us do the things we want to do, and it even does some things for us without having to think about it." I respond. "Think about what would happen if you lost it."


The classroom mood slightly sobers. I then continue, "All the fun would just STOP. All these people LOVE what they do, and they wear their helmets because they want to KEEP DOING THOSE THINGS."


That's when the moment happens. The class collectively settles and is in silence, as if they all hold their breath and stop to think about what was just discussed. It is at this moment that they get it. It is at this moment that they understand the importance of wearing a helmet. I pause for a few seconds to allow for some time to absorb our discussion, and then continue on with the lesson. This moment never gets old.


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