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Bicycle Coalition in the News

  • 02/20/14--Residents raise concerns about redesign of historic Northwest Philly bridge (Newsworks)
  • 02/06/14--Philadelphia Parking Authority Uses Twitter to Track Parking Violations... (Drive the District)
  • 01/21/14--This summer, gallery-worthy bike racks will sprout throughout Center City (Flying Kite)
  • 01/16/14--Cycling groups combine forces to help youths (Grid Magazine)
  • 01/14/14--Manayunk Bridge closer to getting a second life (PlanPhilly)
  • 01/10/14--Artsy bike racks coming to Center City in summer (PlanPhilly)
  • 01/10/14--The Eight Finalists for Philly's Artist's Bike Rack Competition Are All Pretty Awesome (Philebrity)
  • 01/10/14--Reported Crashes Missing from Map (CSN Philly)
  • 01/10/14--No Towing, No Injuries in Bike-Car Crash Means No Report to PennDOT (NBC10 Philadelphia)
  • 12/18/13--PPA Turns to Twitter to Ticket Cars Parked in Bike Lanes (Be Well Philly)
  • 12/11/13--Local Organizations Get $100k in Grants from NBC10 (NBC10) (Comcast SportsNet)
  • 12/11/13--Time to Reconfigure Philadelphia's Broad Street with Dedicated Bike Lanes (Keystone Politics)
  • 12/10/13--Holiday lights bicycle tour to feature Griswold-inspired South Philly scenes (WHYY Newsworks)
  • 12/10/13--Bicycle crashes in Philly get mapped (Philly Metro)
  • 12/09/13--Look at this map of Philly bike crashes (Philadelphia Weekly)
  • 12/09/13--The 14 Worst Bike Intersections in Philly (Philadelphia Magazine)
  • 12/05/13--Bicycle Coalition Holiday Lights Bike Ride is Back (GreenPhillyBlog)
  • 11/21/13--For the First Time, PA State Transportation Bill Designates Funding for Bicycling Infrastructure (Generocity)
  • 11/19/13--Bicycle Coalition, SEPTA impacted by Transportation Bill failure (Philly Weekly)
  • 11/10/13--'The Circuit Coalition' Asks for Funding to Continue Building... (CBS Philly)
  • 11/05/13--Region's trail funding future is unclear (PlanPhilly)
  • 11/04/13--Put your pedal to the medal(lion) (Philly Metro)
  • 11/04/13--Bicycle Coalition Offering Free Lights and Installation... (CBS Philly)
  • 11/04/13--Bicycle Coalition is Handing Out Free Bike Lights Today (Be Well Philly)
  • 10/30/13--New trail connects Philly with wider East Coast network (Newsworks)
  • 10/26/13--Tacony-Palmyra repairs highlight lack of bike access (Burlington County Times)
  • 10/24/13--30th Street Station Getting New Bike Racks (Philadelphia Magazine)
  • 10/24/13--Business News in Brief - Bike Groups Merge (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • 10/22/13--The Bicycle Coalition Merges with Cadence Cycling Foundation (Generocity)
  • 10/22/13--Cadence Cycling Foundation Joins with the Bicycle Coalition for All Your Cycling Needs (Philebrity)
  • 10/22/13--Philly groups combine to form state's largest bicycle nonprofit (Philly Metro)
  • 10/11/13--Don't Get Your Bike Clipped (NBC10)
  • 10/09/13--Happy trails coming to Montgomery County (The Midweek Wire)
  • 10/08/13--Biking with Bobby event will share resources for safe biking (
  • 10/04/13--Bike Coalition to Amtrak: We Want Better Bike Parking at 30th Street Station (Philly Mag)
  • 10/03/13--Bicycle Coalition petitions for better 30th Street Station bike parking (PlanPhilly)
  • 09/17/13--Fewer women than men ride bikes in Phila (Inquirer)
  • 09/09/13--Bike share program to bring more cyclists, fewer helmets to Philly (WHYY Newsworks)
  • 09/05/13--Route 35 Bike Lanes Are Possible (
  • 08/23/13--2 Weeks Left for Bike Rack Designs (NBC10)
  • 08/22/13--Philadelphia unveils citywide bike share program details (Philly Metro)
  • 08/06/13--Project Underway To Identify Hottest Spots For Bike Theft In Philadelphia (CBS Philly)
  • 08/05/13--PA Missed Major Opportunity for Dedicated Bike and Walk Funding (Advocacy Advance)
  • 08/04/13--Using Technology to Thwart Bike Thieves (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • 07/10/13--Report finds subpar bicycle access on Delaware River bridges (PlanPhilly)
  • 07/09/13--Bicycle Coalition Education Fellow Katie Monroe Reflects... (GroundSwell)
  • 07/09/13--Where Is Covered Bike Parking in Philly? (Be Well Philly)
  • 07/02/13--Northern Liberties: The Philadelphia Bike Lane Debate (Philadelphia Neighborhoods)
  • 06/28/13--Call for Artist-Designed Bike Racks (PlanPhilly)
  • 06/28/13--City Looks For a Few Good (Looking) Bike Racks (NBC10)
  • 06/27/13--Report: Philly area bridges are bad for bicyclists (Philly Metro)
  • 06/27/13--Most bridges from Philly to N.J. not so bike-friendly (WHYY Newsworks)
  • 06/26/13--Harrisburg Would Like To Strip Bicycle And Pedestrian Plans... (Philebrity)
  • 06/25/13--Fairmount's new bike lanes are painted, ready to ride (PlanPhilly)
  • 06/19/13--Philly police announce June bicycle law crackdown (Philly Metro)
  • 06/05/13--How you can make your town safe and walkable for all (AARP Blog)
  • 05/30/13--She works to improve the journey for cyclists (WHYY Newsworks)
  • 05/29/13--Spokes-People: Bicycling in the 'Big City' (PennDOT)
  • 05/21/13--Biking to work - where only the strong survive (Daily News)
  • 05/21/13--Gloucester-Camden Rail Study Continues (Courier Post
  • 05/18/13--Mayor Nutter Straps on a Helmet for Bike to Work Day (CBS Philly)
  • 05/17/13--Mayor Nutter Left His Bike Shorts Behind for Today's Bike to Work Ride (Philebrity)
  • 05/16/13--8th Annual Ride of Silence photo gallery (CBS Philly)
  • 05/16/13--Free Police-Led 10 Mile Bike Ride in Center City This Weekend (BeWellPhilly)
  • 05/15/13--Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia Holds Ride of Silence Tonight (CBS3)
  • 05/15/13--Revised Ben Franklin Bike Ramp Plan Supported (Inquirer)
  • 05/14/13--Boosting creativity at the intersection of art and community (Flying Kite)
  • 05/07/13--Inclusivity is a big hurdle for bike-share programs (AxisPhilly
  • 05/03/13--Why bike commuters should care about bike share (AxisPhilly
  • 05/02/13--National Bike Challenge: How Philly Is Getting In On The Action (GreenPhillyBlog)
  • 05/01/13--Philly issues call to artists to design creative city bike racks (Metro Philly)

Archived articles

Crossover: Bridge Ahead Impassable: An examination of bicycle and pedestrian access on twelve bridges crossing the Delaware River at, north, and south of Philadelphia. The report issues short and long-term recommendations for each bridge to improve its accessability for bicyclists and pedestrians, and makes the case for why such access is important. Read the report here.

Safe Streets, Healthy Neighborhoods: South Philadelphia Project: Working with the communities along the southern portion of the Broad Street Corridor, the Bicycle Coalition and volunteers from the Community Design Collaborative developed conceptual plans for what bike friendly streets might look like within the dense, primarily residential fabric of South Philadelphia, where cycling rates are some of the highest in the country. Read the full report here.

Mode Shift: Philadelphia's Two-Wheeled Revolution in Progress:  Using Bicycle Coalition counts and US Census statistics, this report maps and dissects bicycling in the city and region. By breaking down bicycle commuting rates by neighborhood, the report sheds new light on the high levels of bicycle commuting in Philadelphia's core, where bicycle commuting rates in South Philly and Center City top 5%. This May 2011 report also shows how bike lanes significantly decrease the scourge of sidewalk bicycle riding.  Read the report here

Crossing the Delaware for Transportation Independence:  The Ben Franklin Bridge shouldn't be an obstacle course for bicyclists and pedestrians and a race course for cars.  This report makes recommendations to the Delaware River Port Authority on how to improve the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway so that it is a high quality transportation connector between Philadelphia and Camden for all of its users.  Read more.

Double Dutch - Bicycling Jumps in Philadelphia:  The path to urban sustainablity is paved by streets that accomodate all users, not just cars and trucks.  The 2008 bicycle counts, conducted by BicycleCoalition staff and volunteers at key intersections and the Schuylkill River bridges, found that bicycling increased 104% since 2005, or 35% per year. Click here for the full 2008 Bike Count Report.

2008 Philadelphia Bike Parking Study: The current state of bikeparking, current projects and policy recommendations are highlighted inour Bike Parking Study report. Read the Executive Summary and downloadthe full report here. For more information about bike rack companies and best practices, download this four page bike rack fact sheet.   Read more about our campaign to increase bicycle parking.

2008 Agenda for a Bicycle Friendly Philadelphia: Our outline ofthe policy actions we want the Nutter Administration to take to makePhiladelphia the most bicycle friendly city in the nation. Read the twopage report here.

Facts and Figures: Did you know that Philadelphia has 36,000bicycle commuters and that up to 600 bicyclists cross the SchuylkillRiver bridges during the evening rush? We have compiled statistics forPhiladelphia, surrounding counties and the Delaware Valley region usingthe latest national and regional survey data into the Bicycle Coalition's Bike Facts 2008. Read them without downloading here.

Click here for additional archived reports

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December 7, 2012: Landmark Bill Passes Philly City Council
November 20, 2012: Two Legislative Wins For Bikes And Trails
November 8, 2012: A Complete Streets Bill Arrives In Philly
October 25, 2012: Three Recent Wins Show What We Can Accomplish Together

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