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Making the Ben Franklin Bridge Safer for Biking and Walking

Since early January 2012, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Tri-State Transportation Campaign has organized the submission of 15 letters from area organizations (including Campbell Soup and AARP New Jersey) and letters from Senators Lautenberg and MenendezRutgers-Camden and Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports and the comments from over 1000 petition signers asking that DRPA restore funding for the ramp in its 2012 Capital Program. 

On February 1st, DRPA designated $350,000 to design the ramp, and committed to building it. More information is available on our blog. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition, made phone calls, and attended meetings to support the ramp's construction!

December 9, 2011

The Delaware River Port Authority recently announced that the access ramp promised for the Camden side of the bridge is no longer in the capital budget.

The ramp, publicly promised in 2010 by DRPA CEO John Mattheussen, would make the bridge accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians with disabilities.

Less than one week remains in which to contact the DRPA and tell them to keep their promises to the region's bicyclists and pedestrians with disabilities. Read the Bicycle Coalition's letter  to the DRPA Board of Commissioners

SIGN OUR PETITION to send a message to DRPA: Build the Ramp!


Based on the findings of Crossing the Delaware for Transportation Independence issued in June 2010, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is calling upon the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) to take the following measures to transform the Ben Franklin Bridge into a high-quality transportation connector between Philadelphia and Camden for all of its users:

  • Accelerate the design of a new ramp in 2011 to replace the three story stair tower on the Camden side of the Bridge
  • Make the entrances to the Bridge on both sides of the River more welcoming and inviting
  • Develop a snow removal policy that opens the walkway as soon as possible during weather related events
    Download the full report (7mb), executive summary, and see photos from the Walkway and report.  Read the press release here.

    The iconic Benjamin Franklin Bridge links Central Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey. Opened in 1926, the Ben Franklin Bridge once featured right of ways for trolleys, subways, pedestrians and cars. Today, the Bridge carries motor vehicles, the PATCO High Speed Line and is one of only two Delaware River Crossings in Philadelphia that has a pedestrian walkway. The walkway is the only pedestrian and bicycle connection between Philadelphia and Camden without a fare or toll and offers one of the best views of the Philadelphia’s skyline and the bustling Delaware River.

    According to the Bicycle Coalition's counts during summer 2009, 500 bicyclists and pedestrians use the Bridge’s walkway daily, yet accessing it can be a challenge. No signs point to the walkway entrances and warning signs and fences make the entrances uninviting, while access ramps and narrow passageways are barriers to accessibility. Access hours to the bridge are limited and the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) has no snow removal policy, interrupting winter access. The greatest barrier, however, is a three story stairwell on the Camden side of the river that makes the south walkway inaccessible for the disabled and an obstacle for bicyclists.

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